When running for this office in 2010, I was intrigued by this quote from Thomas Paine, “We live to improve or we live in vain.” I truly believed that together we improved Kirkwood in the last four years. I know that I improved in that time because of additional experience and also because of the education I received from fellow Councilmembers, our exceptional City staff and, importantly from the citizens who shared with me their frustrations, hopes and ideas. Everyone I dealt with, whether I agreed or not, had Kirkwood's best interests at heart. How could I not learn and my learning improve with all of that guidance. 

As I felt was the case four years ago, I still believe that I can help reach the goal of constant improvement by listening to the ideas of others and by coming up with some of my own and, sometimes through good leadership and sometimes through good following, bring those improvements to being. 

Declaring that we have improved is not to say we are done. We must constantly work to make good things even better. Together, we must continue to build a community in which everyone who chooses to participate is included, everyone is respected, and where each of us truly understands that our lives are enriched by the appreciation of our differences and the celebration of all that we have in common.

The character and history which has made this town a place I love will continue and will improve. Through constant improvement, giving attention and respect to all of our citizens and their ideas, Kirkwood will continue to be even better and stronger. I look forward to doing my best to make that a reality.

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